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Pose Method of Running Training Course Online

Subject: A Running Training Course
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Audience: Service Members
Duration: Introduction / Preview
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become a better runner

Improve Your Technique with the Pose Method

A training course on running with a structured approach for quick improvement, measurable results and increased speed.
This course has no prerequisites and contains:

  • Intro to running technique and speed development
  • Running technique drills

This course is available for 30 days from the registration date. 

I have used these principles to develop running skill in US Army Soldiers since 2008 and have seen decreases of up to four minutes on a two-mile run within just two weeks.

Course by
Dr. Nicholas Romanov

Olympic Coach, Scientist, Bestselling Author
A 2-time Olympic Coach, bestselling author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, Dr. Romanov developed the Pose Method in 1977. 

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