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Pose Method® of Running

Subject: A Master Course on Running
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Registration: $890
Duration:  20 Hrs
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Improve Running Technique with the Pose Method

This educational training course meets continuing education requirements and provides 20 contact hours for Physical Therapists + PT Assistants, Personal Trainers (ACE).
This course includes:
  • Pre-recorded live lectures, teaching sessions and concept videos
  • Full body warm up routine
  • Running session warm up routine
  • Follow-along full flexibility routine
  • Training session outline + instructions
“About one year ago, I could not run 50 yards without extreme IT Band Syndrome pain. I spent 30 minutes with Dr. Romanov and could run as far and as much as I wanted pain free. Today, I am the USA Paratriathlon National Champion.”
David Kyle, Associate Director of Health and Physical Education, University of Alabama
After studying and completing this course you will be well prepared to:
Run better
Most runners never learned how to run. You will run better once you know what you're doing. 
Run faster
You will run faster with better running technique. You will also learn how to increase or decrease your speed.
Run longer
When nothing hurts it suddenly becomes more possible to run longer and to enjoy every mile.
  • Identify errors in technique that lead to common running related injuries
  • Correct errors in technique that lead to common running related injuries
  • Prevent common running related injuries such as runner's knee, iliotibial band syndrome, shin splints, achilles pain, ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strain, and running related low back pain.
  • Recognise the difference between pain and real injury 
  • Analyze running gait 
  • Provide running technique feedback to athletes or clients, in a one on one or a group setting
  • Select running shoes that are perfect for you.

Bonus ($890 Value)

When you enroll in this online course, you become eligible to reserve your spot in any of our live Running Seminars!
Space is limited to 10 participants at each seminar and is reserved on 'first come first serve' basis.  Enroll now to secure your spot!

Frequently asked questions

When does this course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online experience - you decide when you start and when you finish. Your access to this course will not expire. You may come back to review the materials any time at your convenience.

How long do I have access to this course for?

How does lifetime access sound? Once you enroll, you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like and it can be viewed on any and all devices you own.

Will I receive access right away if I choose a payment plan?

Yes, you will have access this course as soon as you enroll.

Do the technique and strategies described in this course have an immediate practical application?

Absolutely. This course lays out the theory and goes into a great detail of why and how, and it also provides video demonstrations of drills and exercises, as well as follow-along routines that can be used right away for immediate results. 

How do I become a Certified Running Technique Specialist?

Course by
Dr. Nicholas Romanov

Olympic Coach, Scientist, Bestselling Author
A 2-time Olympic Coach, bestselling author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, Dr. Romanov developed the Pose Method in 1977. 

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