Pose Method® of Running

Subject: A Master Course on Running
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Registration: $890
Duration:  20 Hrs
Learn the basics of running technique and training. The skills you need to help your athletes and clients improve and prevent injuries.
Become better

20 HRS

of learning and practicing

20 CEUs

for continuing your education


BOC approved provider


critical skill
BOC Approved Providers deliver quality programs that are designed to advance education and offer continuing education units (CEUs) for the purpose of promoting continued competence.

Athletic Trainers must complete 25-50 of continuing education units (CEUs) during the certification maintenance period. 

The Pose Method of Running is used by Athletic Trainers nationwide.

Athletic Trainers + Running

Running is part of virtually all sports from track to courts. Knowing how running injuries happen is paramount.

Running Related Injuries

Runners of all levels need knowledgeable professionals to help them handle running related injuries and rehab.

Millions of Runners

Running is #1 athletic activity by sheer numbers. Embrace the running community in your area. 
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