Subject: A Master Course on Running
Registration: $890
Duration: 20 Hrs
CE: Approved / Meets the requirements
“The Pose Method has the potential to be used as a standard by which running performances can be evaluated, coached, and enhanced. In 25 years of working with running athletes, I have yet to find a more meaningful resource.”
Tom Whipple, Physical Therapist, Penn State Sports Medicine and author of The Endurance Paradox


Subject: Running Skill Training Course
Audience: Service Members
Registration: $890
Duration: 20 Hrs
"I have used these principles to develop running skill in US Army Soldiers since 2008 and have seen decreases of up to four minutes on a two-mile run within just two weeks.”
Dr. Charles Blake, US Army Lieutenant Colonel


I enjoyed the elegance and simplicity of the running style. The Pose Method effectively takes out all the fluff and gives the runner 3 simple things to work on. I enjoyed the breakout sessions, the biomechanics, injury prevention, and examples of how to teach groups. 
Tyler Balfour, PT
The drills for perception and correction are excellent and the explanations for the frame of thought are great. I can't unsee the pose-fall-pull series when I watch people run now.
Joanne Gribler PT, DPT
It was refreshing to find a thorough, evidence-based method to coaching running. I thought the course was excellent in its presentation of the theory and practice of running technique.
Todd P Talbot, PTA


How do I become a Certified Running Technique Specialist?

To receive the credential of a Certified Running Technique specialist you must take a certification exam. To prepare for the exam, we recommend studying the Pose Method of Running course.

Are your courses available on ArmyIgnitED or Army COOL?

Yes, please  go to MilitaryRunning.com for more information.

Are your courses available on AF COOL?

Yes, please  go to MilitaryRunning.com for more information.

What kind of certificates are issued upon completion of your courses?

A Certificate of Completion is issued upon successful completion of any course.

Where can I see scientific research used for information in your courses?

Can I cancel and get a refund?

We do not provide refunds due to the nature of digital content. When you gain access to our course(s) you will retain it for the full duration of your membership on this website, i.e. your access will not expire. Return any time at your convenience to review any of your course(s) material.
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