Pose Method® International Community Online

It is our pleasure to announce our new online space! When we started our community years ago it was with the goal of providing a welcoming and friendly space for communication and sharing of information and knowledge. Over the years, our community grew and evolved to become much more than we originally planned or imagined. 
Spanning all continents and many languages, our international community is something we are very proud of and we will always provide all the support we possibly can.
This involves providing space for communication that allows for further growth in a respectful and encouraging environment. In an age when re-selling user data is a common practice, and 'trolls' flood all social media platforms we take our responsibility very seriously and literally:

  • We do not resell or share any user/customer information and
  • we squash (unceremoniously) any disrespectful communication 
We can always agree to disagree, and we encourage open discussions and debates, but we will not tolerate disrespectful communication.

This is our pledge. Welcome to our online community!